Wayne County Schools - Board of Education

The WCBOE believes that: "It's all about the children." When we say this we are saying that "It's all about the future of our great nation."

Our future must be built on a partnership of the school, family and community. These groups must communicate with each other in an ongoing, honest dialogue. They must build trust which surpasses political or regional issues.

We believe that our students will learn if we apply our resources to address their unique abilities and life experiences. All employees of our school system must be committed to the highest standards necessary to achieve our goal. Our employees face an ever-growing burden in accomplishing their task. We admire them for their effort and promise to help them.

The Wayne County Board of Education is determined to provide a safe, positive and welcoming environment in all of our schools. The students of Wayne County deserve the opportunity to master the basic skills - the essential curriculum. They deserve the opportunity to excel beyond the norm to be challenged, to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our board of education is committed to this goal.

The Wayne County Board of Education