Wayne County Schools - Snow Packets

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What is a Non-Traditional Instructional Day (NTID)?

In response to inclement weather conditions in previous years in Wayne County, the district applied and was accepted to participate in this statewide program. The NTID plan allows the opportunity for all Wayne County students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather or emergency days when conditions prevent school from being in session. Students will be able to participate in learning through snow packets. These lessons will provide reinforcement, remediation, and/or enrichment of activities that have occurred in the classroom. Students will not be given any new content for NTID lessons.

How will students complete lessons?

Students with internet access will be able to complete the work online at the Wayne County Boe website. Teachers will have hard copies of the lessons for students without internet access or for those who prefer to work offline. Hard copies will be sent home prior to a snow day.

When will Snow Packet days be used?

Wayne county has been allowed five NTID days and they will be used if school is cancelled.

How Will I be notified of an NTI Day?

The district will include Snow Packet information in the closing announcement.

What if my child loses the hard copy packet?

Hard copy packets will be available at all schools as well as the Board Office and online. If a child does not get the assignment completed before returning to school, then the student will have five days in which to complete the assignment.

Why should my child complete these lessons?

These lessons have been designed to reinforce, remediate, and enrich your child's education. Students are required to complete all the tasks during the NTI days and submit within five days to the teacher when returning to school. Teachers will be grading all assignments.

How much time will these lessons take my child to complete?

The time necessary to complete the NTID lessons vary depending on grade level. Teachers designed lessons with estimated completion time of two to four hours for the entire day.

Who do I contact with questions?

The first person to contact would be the school your child attends. If you cannot find the answers to your questions do not hesitate to contact the Wayne County Board of Education at 304-272-5116.