IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Certificates that are due to renew for this year expire June 30. If you have not taken the 6 hours required for renewal you need to register for coursework as soon as possible!! Please see links below for additional information regarding certification and license renewals.

Important Notice about payment process for applications: Applicants do not pay via the current payment website as the payment is now the last step before submission to the West Virginia Department of Education after county approval. The electronic application payment is embedded in the new electronic application system. If applicants pay via the old system it will delay the processing as it will require a refund and an additional payment in order to complete the new online process.

  • Applying for an Out-of-Field/Permit

    • Step 1: Sign the Out-of-Field/Permit County Agreement & send it to Chanda Perry.

    • Step 2: Fill out the Form 1/1a WVDE Application found here and send it to the Personnel/Certification Secretary or Human Resource Director at Central Office.:

    • Step 3:Pay the fee to the WVDE for the Form 1/1a:(Choose Paper Application Cert Payment)

    • Remember, you will need to complete 6 hours for each year that you apply for a permit and do not complete the requirements to obtain the endorsement on your licensure. Permits are only valid for one (1) year and the 6 hours of accredited college coursework is required to renew the permit and be qualified for the position in which you are employed that requires a permit/out-of-field authorization.

  • Applying for a Waiver via the WVDE (all paperwork is to be sent to the Attention of Chanda Perry, Human Resource Director).

    • Information regarding Waivers

    • Submit a detailed letter regarding the reasons you are requesting a waiver address to the Superintendent of Wayne County Schools and fill out the top portion of this form and answer question 1 then leave the rest blank and send it to Chanda Perry, Director of Human Resources.

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