Wayne County Schools - Transportation Information

This page is maintained by the Wayne County Board of Education for important information concerning School Buses.
Check back for route changes due to weather, bus changes, etc. that may affect your child's ride to school.

Gas filled balloons and alcohol based hand sanitizers are NOT permitted on school buses!

Any questions, please contact the transportation department at 304-272-5164 or 304-272-5165

11:15:13 AM
Date: Message:
Friday, 02/26/21AM2963 not running Hubbards Branch, James River Rd
Friday, 02/26/21AM1639 not running Ardel
Friday, 02/26/21AM1677 not running Bowman Hill
Friday, 02/26/21AM1691 not running Falls Branch, Dunkle Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1712 not running Skyview, German Ridge, Haney's Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1758 not running Tiger Fork
Friday, 02/26/21AM1766 not running Walker's Branch, Mills Branch, Dock's Creek
Friday, 02/26/21AM1790 Not running Goodwill Road, Hubbards Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1817 not running Skyview Drive
Friday, 02/26/21AM1948 not running Broad Hollow Rd, Walker's Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1982 not running Joel's Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM2501 not running Haney's Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM2831 not running Hutchinson Branch, Indian Branch, Ballangee Branch, Plymale Branch, Teel/Sharp Branch, Sherwood
Friday, 02/26/21AM2868 not running Lynn Creek, Brumfield Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM2962 not running Wilson's creek
Friday, 02/26/21AM1624 not running Docks Creek
Friday, 02/26/21AM1595 not running Mills Branch, Rice Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1594 not running Sherwood
Friday, 02/26/21AM1043 not running Mount Union, Crockett School area, Wilson's Creek
Friday, 02/26/21AM1044 not running Miller's Fork
Friday, 02/26/21AM1067 not running Dunkle Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1135 not running right fork wilson's creek, millers fork
Friday, 02/26/21AM1160 not running Malcolm lane, camp creek, 8th street road
Friday, 02/26/21AM1172 not running camp creek, 8th street road
Friday, 02/26/21AM1250 not running Shoals Branch, Spring Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1379 not running Docks creek, Hutchinson Branch, Indian Branch, Mills Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1434 not running Turkey Creek
Friday, 02/26/21AM1438 not running Mills Branch
Friday, 02/26/21AM1453 not running Buffalo Creek, Right fork Buffalo Creek
Friday, 02/26/21AM1471 not running Buffalo Creek, Lynn Creek
Friday, 02/26/21AM1474 not running Big Branch or Two Mile
Friday, 02/26/21AM1475 not running left fork Wilson's creek, Fisher Bowen

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