Wednesday October 27, 2021
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Welcome to WVEIS Web Reports

WVEIS Web Reports was designed to provide Web Based - WVEIS data retrieval for Schools and County Board Offices. The reports can only be viewed from inside the State K-12 network and you must be a WVEIS user. If you would like to have access to WVEIS Web Report applications, contact the County Technolgy Director.

Here is a list of available applications.

  • Student Absence Information - A snapshot of daily attendance by school.
  • D.F.I. Report - Shows Grades of D, F, or I for selected grade period.
  • Discipline - Provides basic information from the student discipline records.
This list will continue to grow as time permits. If you have a particular request for a WEB based report that could benefit others as well, send me a note with your ideas and I will take a look. Also, if you have any suggestions for the existing reports, send them along as well.


Thanks, Tim Conzett
Wayne County Schools

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