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• Schools are open and students report on blended schedule.

• Masks are required for grades 6 and above at all times. Masks are required for grades 3-5 on buses and when students are not in their cohort group.

• Staff report on regular schedule.

• Athletic and extra-curricular activities permit immediate house family members and grandparents.

Today's Student view live stream is available here. It will start at 6 PM.

You may watch Tuesday's parent stream on youtube by clicking here.

Meal Service Enrollment (SY 20-21)

Fill out the form below to enroll in the 20-21 meal pickup service. You can find more information about this program by clicking here.

Your student must be enrolled in a Wayne County School to be eligible. If your student is not currently enrolled, please contact your local school to enroll on or after Aug. 4th and then fill out this form.

Please provide at least three criteria in the form below to enroll your student

Report Concerns with COVID-19 Safety Protocol/Procedures

Students, Parents and Staff can share suggestions/concerns to assist Wayne County Schools in adhering to Safety/Protocols/Procedures outlined in the “Wayne County Schools Re-entry Plan”.

Please Report your concern here.

Wayne County Schools Re-Entry Plan

Please find the Wayne County Schools Re-entry Plan here.

Re-Entry Date Pushed to Sept 8th

At the Governor's Press Conference today, July 8, 2020, he announced the start of school will be delayed until September 8, 2020. We anticipate more information in the coming weeks and will communicate the information as we are able to do so.


Beginning April 20, meals for students can be picked up at a local school site. Due to the progression of the COVID 19 virus, the District will no longer be able to provide delivery of meals on school buses. “Grab & Go” sites are established at each of the sites listed below. Meals (breakfasts and lunches) provided will last multiple days. Pick-up will be available at the following sites on Mondays,11:30 to 12:30:

Buffalo Elementary
Buffalo Middle
Ceredo-Kenova Elementary
Crum PK-8
Dunlow Elementary
East Lynn Elementary
Fort Gay PK-8
Genoa Elementary
Kellogg Elementary
Lavalette Elementary
Prichard Elementary
Spring Valley High
Tolsia High
Wayne High
Wayne Middle

Should you have questions, please e-mail:

barrowoo@k12.wv.us or call 304-272-5116 ext. 338
kdwatts@k12.wv.us or 304-272-5116 ext. 329

Central Office Open by Appointment

Our office are now open by appointment only.

Office of Safety and Security
Mike Hart
304-272-5116 ext 357

High School and CTE
Velvet Kelly
304-272-5116 ext 362

Office of Special Education
Sherry L. Webb
304-272-5116 ext 348

Elementary, Middle, Assessment
John Waugaman

Office of Personnel
Chanda Perry
304-272-5116 ext 333

Office of Transportation
Bill Preece

Office of Attendance
Terri Lynn Queen
304-272-5116 ext 305

Office of Food Service
Brenda Arrowood
304-272-5116 ext. 338

Office of Technology
Technology Helpdesk

Office of Federal Programs
Mary Lou Perry
304-272-5116 ext. 338

Office of Maintenance
Michelle Followay
304-272-5116 ext. 300

Office of Finance
Payroll: Kim Hale
304-272-5116 ext. 342

Finance: Jeb Ryder
304-272-5116 ext. 307

Benefits: Misty Evans
304-272-5116 ext 317

COVID-19 Information

Wayne County Schools Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Wayne County Schools is continuing to collaborate with local health officials in our ongoing response to the pandemic impacting our community.

Wayne County Schools is posting information from the Center for Disease Control to educate families about Coronavirus and its prevention.

Below you will find informational flyers from the CDC.

Stop the Spread of Germs
What to do if you are sick with coronavirus disease 2019
Share Facts About COVID
What you need to know about coronavirus disease 2019

Continuing Services

Due to an anti-theft policy that had previously been implemented by the Wayne County Schools, some school computers will not allow you to login after being away from the school for two weeks. We have since removed this restriction, however, if your computer is affected, you will start receiving a pop-up message warning you that your access is about to expire when you start approaching the two-week limit. We have made Wi-Fi available outside of our schools where you can drive up and connect to the schools Wi-Fi without having to go in. The area where Wi-Fi should be accessible at each school may be seen by going to the following link https://www.wayneschoolswv.org/wifi . You can simply drive up to any school, connect Wi-Fi, log off or restart your device, then log back in with your regular username and password and this should correct any further login issues. If for some reason you do not have transportation to one of the schools, you can call the technology hotline at (681) 203-5268. Technical support is available M-F 8 to 4. * Please make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi before you log in or nothing will change and your laptop will not update! *

"Open" Wi-Fi hotspots are available at most schools for all students and staff, more info here.

Technical support is available 8 to 4 M-F at (681) 203-5268 for staff, students, and parents.

Mental Health Professionals' contact information can be found here.

Wayne County Schools News

Addendum to Regular Board Meeting-September 22nd @ 5:00 p.m.
Posted by Carol Prince, 2020-09-18

An addendum is now available for the Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 22, 2022. 

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Regular Board Meeting-September 22nd @ 5:00 p.m.
Posted by Carol Prince, 2020-09-17

The agenda is now available for the Regular Meeting of the Wayne County Board of Education being held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 beginning at 5:00 p.m. at 212 North Court Street, Wayne, West Vi...Read full article.

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10 Day Policy Comments
Posted by Carol Prince , 2020-09-14

Twelve policies are being placed on the website for public review and comment for ten (10) working days beginning Monday, September 14, 2020 through Friday, Septe...Read full article.

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